Our Services

We commemorate those who have passed in many different ways. There is no right or wrong, no set rule of what is to be included or how the service must take place. It should be based on the departed's wishes and the families desires and beliefs. There are many options available, we will listen to your requests and help guide you through this passage, creating a memorable service that is befitting to the person who is being remembered.


Whether you choose a traditional service, modern service or a more personalized remembrance based upon certain cultural or ethnic traditions and customs, we will provide the experience and guidance needed to fulfill your vision.


The first step is to choose the method of disposition, either burial or cremation.

Next is to decide what service or combination of services is desired and in what manner they will be conducted. Regardless of the method of disposition, there are many options and variations available that can be performed.


Traditional Service

Offering a Viewing/Visitation in which family and friends can gather at the funeral home to commemorate the departed, pay respects and offer condolences. The final Viewing is typically followed by a service performed by clergy or other. The departed is then transported in procession to their final resting place, where a final committal ceremony takes place.

Memorial Service

A service which takes place with burial or cremation. This service is conducted in the memory of the departed. without the deceased present.

Combined Traditional and Memorial Service

The aspects of both types of services are included. (Traditional service and cremation service combinations.)  Combinations are particularly useful when an extended family cannot attend the traditional service or a large number of people is expected.  

Graveside Service

A commemorative service held at the final resting place, immediately prior to burial with deceased present or after cremation.

Direct Burial or Cremation (Non-Commemorative Funeral)

This is a form of disposition, that does not include any viewing or service. The deceased is buried, cremated or donated to medical science in a timely manner.

Possible Variations for Each

All Religious or Customary Ceremonies
Private Service - Services are by invitation only.


All the services required to accomplish the ceremonies are done on location at Little’s Funeral Home. These services include, but are not limited to:


  1. Counseling availability 24 hours a day

  2. Consultation with family and clergy

  3. Assistance of staff in all necessary phases of arrangements

  4. Obtaining, preparation and filing of necessary notices, authorizations and consents, certificates and permits

  5. Coordinating with those providing other portions of the funeral ; (i.e. cemetery, crematory, and others)

  6. Casket, Vault, Urns and  Other Merchandise Needed

  7. Use of facilities and funeral directors services for viewing/ visitation, funeral, memorial or graveside services                      

  8. Transportation of the deceased to Little’s Funeral Home and final resting place
    Preparation of the Body

  9. Arrangements and Preparations for Burial and Cremation

  10. Burial Services

  11. Cremation Services