Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

Q. If a friend or loved one has just died or if death is expected sometime soon,
    what is the first thing I should do?

A. Call us at Littles Funeral Home (717) 359-4224 to arrange for transportation of the
    deceased to our funeral home. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Do you take care of transportation if the deceased is located out of town?

A. Yes, we will take care of all arrangements for you.

Q. What do funeral directors do?


All our funeral directors are licensed professionals, educated and
trained in the mortuary field. Our funeral directors will:

- Transportation of the deceased to the Little's Funeral Home

- Counsel clients (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a wk)

- Consult with family and clergy

- Assistance with all necessary phases of arrangements

- Arrange the funeral plans

- Help notify friends and family

- Secure and filing necessary notices, authorizations, consents, certificates and permits

- Coordinating with those providing other portions of the funeral
  (ie cemetery, crematory and others)

- Provide by sale caskets and other merchandise needed

- Use of facilities and funeral directors services for viewing, visitation or wake, funeral,
  memorial or graveside services

- Preparation of the Body

- Arrangements and Preparations for Burial and Cremation

- Burial Services

- Cremation Services

- Transportation of the deceased to their final resting place

Q. How do I donate my body to Science?

A. An anatomical gift can be given either through the donation of organs, tissue, and
    corneas for transplant or as a whole-body donation for science. Donation for transplant
    and whole-body donation for science are different and handled through two unrelated
Both options should involve a donor card.

    To donate organs, tissues, and corneas, contact a CORE representative at

    To donate the entire body to science, contact the Humanity Gifts Registry at

Q. Do you handle pet cremations?

A. No. Contact your veterinarian.

Q. Can we use a casket purchased from someone else?

A. Yes and we also provide a variety of caskets of all styles and price ranges at our facility
    for your convenience.

Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Not by our establishment, but credit card payments are accepted and loans from various
    sources are an option

Q. If I already made arrangements with a different funeral home, can I have the
    arrangements sent to you?

A. Depending on the terms of your agreement with the former funeral home, we will gladly
    except your arrangements.

Q. Can you help me find a cemetery plot?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you sell grave makers?

A. No, but we can make recommendations and assist with the process.

Q. Is it required to use a vault with a casket?

A. Yes.

Q. How soon after death must an individual be buried?

A. This varies by state. In Pennsylvania, considerations include the need to secure all
    permits and authorizations, notification of family and friends, preparation of cemetery
    site and religious customs.

Q. What is embalming and why is it done?

A. Embalming sanitizes and preserves the body, slowing down the decomposition process.
    Allowing more time before the deceased must be buried or cremated.

Q. Is embalming required?

A. No.

Q. What is cremation?

A. It is the reduction of the body to ashes through the application of intense heat for a period from two to four hours.

Q. Can I have a service if I choose cremation?

A. Yes, it can be done before or after the cremation.

Q. Can I have a viewing before cremation?

A. Yes, but it must be done in the legal time allowed unless the deceased is also embalmed.

Q. Can you take care of the cemetery arrangements?

A. Yes.

Q. What information of the deceased do I need to provide?


The following list will be request during the process.
1. Full legal name
2. Home address
3. Social Security number
4. Date of birth
5. Place of birth
6. Spouse's name (maiden)
7. Father's name
8. Mother's maiden name
9. Veteran's discharge papers (DD-214)
10. Recent Photograph
11. Highest education
12. Occupation
13. Place of burial (if applicable)
14. Clothing and jewelry (including all usual undergarments)
15. Clergy name and phone number
16. Survivors (name and relationship)
17. Insurance policies (if applicable)
18. Discharge papers, if veteran

Q. Why do I need an obituary notice?

A. We strongly recommend doing so. It is a helpful way to notify friends and the
    community for those who would like to participate.




Pre-Arrangement Questions

Q. Why should I consider pre-planning a funeral?

A. Taking care of the decisions ensures you and your loved ones that your service is want
    you would have wanted. This will also eliminate the burden on your family of making
    those difficult decisions during a emotional and stressful time.

Q. When do I pay for my pre-planned funeral?

A. If you are just planning the services, there is not cost. If you later would decide to place
    money in a trust fund for your funeral expenses, please contact us.
    This is a simple task.

Q. Why should I consider paying for pre-arrangements?

A. Funding the pre-arrangements give you the benefit of today's pricing and also rids the
    financial burden for family.

Q. Is there an option of monthly payments for pre-arrangements?

A. No.

Q. Can I cancel the plans and receive a full refund?

A. This will depend on the terms of your agreement.

Q. What happens to my pre-arrangements if I decide to move?

A. In most cases, you can transfer to a local funeral home, depending on the
    terms in your agreement.

Q. If I pass before my pre-arrangements are paid in full, when is the remaining
    balance due?

A. Within the same time frame of non pre-arranged funerals.

Q. Will my pre-arrangements cover all my expenses?

A. No. It will cover all funeral expenses provided directly from the funeral home
    establishment, but any third party items are not cover nor are the increased cost due to
    inflation. Examples of such items are: flowers, clothing, scripture cards, etc.

Q. Are pre-arrangements guaranteed?

A. Yes.

Q. What happens to my pre-paid pre-arrangements if your establishment would
    go out of business?

A. As we hope this would never be the situation, per the terms of your agreement, you
    would transfer your account to another funeral home willing your cliental.