At Little's Funeral Home, for your convenience, we provide a selection of vaults,
a large variety of styles in caskets, and a unique selection of timeless urns,
keepsakes jewelry and many other items. Most of the items are shown below.

These items are also on display in our showroom.
Please free to visit our Showroom. Hours by appointment only.



We only provide Trigard brand vaults to our clients, for we know they
offer to you the highest level of protection available for your loved ones.

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Trigard Estate

• Reinforced concrete 5000 PSI

• 2 layers of protection

• Different colors available

Littles Funeral Home Monticello Vault



Trigard Trilogy Basic

• Reinforced concrete 5000 PSI

• 2 layers of protection

• Available in brown and gold

Littles Funeral Home Continental Vault



Trigard Trilogy Simulated Stone

• Reinforced concrete 5000 PSI

• 2 layers of protection

• Available in white marble, black marble and gray granite

Littles Funeral Home Venetian Vault



About Our Caskets

Matthew International Caskets is a a leading manufacturer in the United
States and providing a new standard for the industry. They produce a
wide variety of wood and metal caskets and is a leading manufacturer
of all-wood constructed caskets that are preferred by many.



Metal Caskets


• Newport

Brown Topaz / Golden Fawn, Arbutus Velvet - Stainless Steel


• Sanctuary

Brushed Blue / Diamond Blue, Blue Velvet - Stainless Steel


• Silver Rose

Silver Rose / Platinum, Pink Velvet - 18 Gauge Steel


• Lancaster

Alemeda Rose / Metallic Bronze, Arbutus Velvet - 18 Gauge Steel


• Marquette

Brown Elgin Gold / Lily Dark Bronze, Arbutus Velvet - 18 Gauge Steel


• Hamilton

Antique White / Silver Rose, Pink Crepe - 18 Gauge Steel


• Lakeshore II

Monarch Blue, Blue Crepe "Going Home" Panel - 18 Gauge Steel


• Classic

Silver Pearl, White Crepe - 18 Gauge Steel


• Sterling

Grecian Gold, Rosetan Crepe - 18 Guage Steel


• Majestic

Sunset Gold, Moselle Crepe - 20 Gauge Steel


• Coleman

Mandarin, Rosetone Crepe - 20 Gauge Steel


• Spencer

Dark Gunmetal Hammertex, Moselle Crepe- 20 Gauge Steel






Wooden Caskets



High Polished Georgetown Mahogany, Ivory Velvet - Solid Wood


• Diplomat

High Polished Natural Walnut, Sand Velvet - Solid Wood


• Winfield

High Polished Cherrytone Cherry, Arbutus Velvet - Solid Wood


• Warfield

Polished Amber Cherry, Arbutus Velvet - Solid Wood


• Ratlin

Satin Fawn Oak, Rosetan Crepe - Solid Wood


• Hearthside

Satin Tutone Timber Oak / Shaded, Rosetan Crepe - Solid Wood


• Ashland

Satin Fawn Ash, Rosetan Crepe - Solid Wood


• Montgomery

Satin American Ash, Almond Velvet - Solid Wood


• Livingston

Satin Tuntone Tan Oak / Shaded, Rosetan Crepe - Veneer


• Adirondack

Satin Autumn Pine, Rosetone Crepe - Solid Wood


• Sandhurst II

Satin Sandy Birch Popular, Rosetan Crepe - Veneer


• Portland

Satin Smithville Poplular, Rosetone Crepe - Veneer


• Kinsey

Grery Cloth-Covered, Ivory Twill - fiberboard



We provide a variety of urns in many different styles and materials to assure a selection is available for all preferences.

The Majestic Urn
Solid Walnut w/Cherry Trim

Diamond Beauty Urn
Solid Cherry w/Walnut Trim

Eagle Haven Urn
Cherry w/ Engraved Eagle Mountain

The Spirit Keeper Urn
Cherry w/ Engraved Outdoor Scene

The Devotion Urn
Handturned Solid Oak

Noble Earth Urn
Blue/Green Natural Tones Ceramic

Angel of Elegance Urn
Blue Crystal w/ Engraving

Floral Gardens of Life Urn
Multi-Colored Cloisonne

The Everafter Urn
Brass w/Alloy Many Colors Available

Classic Esteemed Urn
Earth Tone Bonded Bronze

Gift of Faith Urn
Solid Bronze w/ Praying Hands

Forever Cross Urn
Polished Stainless Steel w/ Cross

The Everafter Urn
Brushed Bronze w/ Cross

The Serene of Devine Urn
Polished Marble in 3 Color Choices

The Olympus Urn
Marble Available in Mutiple Colors

The Eternal Sanctuary Urn
Natural Tones in Texture Stone





Commemorative Keepsakes

We also carry a selection of commemorative items, from necklaces, miniature urns to display cases.